Did you know that we are able to create stunning floral tributes for memorials and funerals! Did you also know that you don’t have to buy casket arrangements from your funeral home? They have contracts with flower shops and tag on another 30% on top!

Flowers at the Market specializes in conducting fair business practice, we do not over charge at any time. The majority of our flowers are grown in Canada, with a few imported specialty flowers that do not grow well here. We treat our employees well, therefore you will not see a turnover in staff.

Our shop is a place where we get to know our customers, we are with them in the happy and sad times. We have helped celebrate many milestones with our customers, and enjoy being with them every step after.

Our arrangements and European-style bouquets have become well known over the last 5 years, when the recipient of our flowers becomes our next customer, we know we are doing it right.

We are able to service the corporate businesses with stunning weekly arrangements. Centre pieces for their events, seminars, Christmas parties, or gifts for their clients. We have helped a yoga instructor give flowers to deserving moms, and you can see our work in the TV shows Heartland and Fargo (Season Three), both of which are filmed in or near Calgary.

As we are open to the public on weekends, we have chosen not to focus on weddings, we feel the bride and groom would benefit by going with a wedding themed flower shop.

Although we are only open Thursday through Sunday it does not stop us from delivering flowers 7 days a week. We simply ask for advanced notice and we will contact the recipient and arrange for a time that works best for them.

Thank you for supporting a small business that is family owned and operated.